Korner Entertainment joins Caillou World

Korner Entertainment S.L. announces its agreement with Spanish distributor Arazonia for 3 Caillou products “Alphabet, Numbers and Colors”, “Memory, Sequences and Pairs” and “Body, Forms and Puzzles”.

These 3 products have been developed to offer children a fun learning environment to train their skills and introduce them to technological advances. Using multimedia resources, kids will carry out activities accompanied by images, animations, texts, music and sound effects.

Actions include dragging and selecting items with the mouse, drawing and colouring, discovering shapes, repeating sounds and learning series. All activities are always in keeping with a pedagogical structure and related to what children learn in real life.

Developed in collaboration with pedagogues and educators, this series provides an appealing resort for parents and teachers, including a wide array of multimedia and tactile didactic material. The production of each CD-ROM involved meticulous research and a detailed adaptation of educational contents to a digital environment, following the principle of integrating learning and play.

These titles are an essential tool for instructors. Furthermore, as they use the computer, kids will start getting acquainted with the information device that they will eventually use everyday.

“Alphabet, Numbers and Colors”, “Memory, Sequences and Pairs” and “Body, Forms and Puzzles” are available for distribution in UK, France, Italy and Benelux.