Korner Entertainment, partner of the European education portal Xplore Health

Korner Entertainment S. L. is the partner for the development of educational games of the European Xplore Health project.  Xplore Health is a European educational portal on cutting-edge health research that offers innovative multimedia and hands-on experience to young people through the internet, schools and science centres and museums.

Korner Entertainment is developing a series of education games. These products should be playable and funny, but also should achieve Xplore Health aims:

  • To bridge the gap between research and education
  • To inspire future researchers
  • To promote scientific literacy
  • To stimulate dialogue

The Xplore Health consortium is formed by European Schoolnet, Centre of the Cell, European Network of Science Centres and Museums and University of Barcelona. The project is funded by the European Comission.

More information can be found at  www.xplorehealth.eu