Korner Entertainment presents Math Blazer for iPhone and iPod Touch


Barcelona, March 23rd 2010.-Korner Entertainment SL proudly announces the release of Math Blazer for iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed by Blit Software, this is the game for those whom enjoy crosswords, sudokus and scrabbling around with tiles.

Math Blazer presents a challenge that will totally hook the users. The goal is to build mathematical operations using tiles that represent the basic signs and numbers in maths (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)… and to use the premium multiplication squares on the board to add more points to your operations!


– Practice, Player vs. CPU and Multiplayer Modes.

– Challenge players around the world to thrilling games thanks to the online multiplayer option.

– Different difficulty levels designed for every kind of user.

– Tested playability for all audiences.

Thoroughly addictive…You’ll always want to play just one more game!

How do you play Math Blazer?

The game consists of adding up points, forming expressions of equality (equations), horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom, on a board.

The player beginning the game must put the first equation on the centre square on the board. From that point, the rest of the equations formed must be joined to an earlier one already on the board.

Math Blazer comes with 80 tiles divided between 14 numbers and symbols. What’s more, the user has to try to make the most of the 5 types of premium multiplication squares on the game board. Knowing how to take full advantage of them could be the key to turning the game in your favour!

Please visit our website for more information: www.mathblazer.com