Sionauta is a videogame development studio based in Barcelona with an experienced team with a lot of creative talent, new ideas and ambition.

The Studios games are aimed at the casual consumer, focusing their efforts in producing original, amusing and high quality games for different platforms.



EnjoyUp Games is an innovative videogame development Studio. The company started with a team that has more than 10 years experience in the entertainment sector and whose goal is to revolutionize the concept of the videogame. The aim of EnjoyUp is always to create new and enjoyable ways to play.

Their philosophy is to create new products that bring new feelings to the player. This goal has been achieved with their ambitious and original project for Nintendo DS “Chronos Twins”, an amazing videogame where the action takes place on two screens and, at the same time, adopts a new time concept.



Minsk disseny is a creative and development studio based in Barcelona with an experienced team with a lot of creative talent in new media, new ideas and a different way to see videogames.

With experience at the casual consumer market, focusing their efforts in producing original, innovative and high quality contents, the company is the best partner for new user experiences with videogames interfaces.


Founded in 2005 under the brand name Play&Learn Multimedia, the company works with educational multimedia software.

Since its creation, Play&Learn Multimedia has assumed its place as one of the leading companies in the educational field thanks to a carefully selected list of titles by the most prestigious international publishing companies, such as BBC and Dorling Kindersley from the United Kingdom, Digital Publishing from Germany, Kutoka from Canada, and LangMaster from the Czech Republic.


Undercoders is a young and independent video game development studio, located in the heart of Barcelona. Originally formed in 2006 by 3 engineers of different specialties, our mission is to create unique and original video games that can offer a refreshing and entertaining experience.

Using creativity as our main weapon, we raise all of our projects as if they were another game, enjoying our work so that others can do the same with the resulting products. In an industry saturated with sequels and millionaire productions, we replace money with ideas and talent, in order to make all of our games worthy of the gamer’s time.


CONTINENTAL is a company with offices in A Coruña (Northwest Spain) and Madrid dedicated to audiovisual production as of the year 1982. We are currently developing production in all six departments: film, spots, television, animation, corporate communications (under brand name Impulso TV) and now Continental Games, Continental’s most recent and ambitious project which introduces the company in the world of videogames .After over twenty years of activity, we have achieved several prizes and awards at different festivals and competitions.

CONTINENTAL TV and CONTINENTAL SPOT both hold a fundamental position within the Spanish audiovisual sector with the production of tv series, tv-movies, documentaries and spots for the most important channels and institutions in Spain. CONTINENTAL ANIMACIÓN has set its way off a few years ago with the production of several tv and cinema projects. In the present CONTINENTAL participates as founder partner in the video and DVD distribution company CAMEO, as well as in the consortium of exportation of Spanish and Latin American films LATIDO, which allows us to bolster the business up in several different exportation fields.