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Who doesn’t want to learn magic in 3 easy steps?

Become the main the star of your own magic show learning amazing magic tricks and techniques.

Edu & Flanagan, two of the best Spanish magicians, will teach you how to make magic close-up tricks, stages, techniques and also give you some magic advices…

Users can enjoy the show exactly as seen by the public, just watching the videos included in the product. Then it’s possible to see step by step explanation of all the secrets of the show. In some cases, users even have the chance of manufacturing in the workshop their own magic devices.

The product is divided into 3 different volumes. It’s also available a free demo version.

Every product includes:

-Free Demo Version:
* Close-up magic
– The next is yours
– Emergence of aces* Stage
– Levitating wand
– Crumpled clock* Magic devices
– Envelopes and clips
– Disappearing coin

* Techniques and advices
– False deposit
– Patience

-Volume 1:
* Close-up magic
– Shell man
– Unbreakable toothpick
– Jumping rubber
– Crazy numbers
– Invisible hair
– Copper for gold* Stage
– Shrinking wand
– Missing dice* Magic devices
– Rope or handkerchief
– Möbius ribbon
– 4 side card

*Magic techniques
– Mix cards
– False mix

– Organization

-Volume 2:
* Close-up magic
– Sign of the deck
– 21 cards
– Blind court
– Magic dices
– Lindbergh’s handkerchief
– Escapist rope
– Jumping toothpick* Stage
– Newspaper strip
– Lift card* Magic devices
– Cut and paste
– Matches hypnotized

* Magic techniques
– Extension deck
– Magic techniques
– Indian Mix

* Advices
– Stage objects

-Volume 3:
* Close-up magic
– Magnetic cards
– Magic cup
– Magic coin
– Paper magician* Stage
– Rope recomposed
– Magic devices
– Tube appearance
– Water in the magazine
– Magic microwaves
– Long card* Magic techniques
– Shear force

* Advices
– I want more magic
– Presentation
– Wearing a game
– Angles and position

DEVELOPER: Magia Magia
GENRE: Magic Game
TYPE OF GAME: Skill Game