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Get fit at home, with your PC. Alone, with friends, or with your family. Create a personal training plan and do sport, step by step, to get the body you always dreamt with. You decide when, where and how, with the PC as your personal coach. Do you get on the move?

• The game works exclusively with a USB Dance Pad, so you can imitate the movements and instructions on screen, with your own body.

• Each placer must create her/his profile (name, weight, height, age…) and upload the favourite photo to apply it to the sheet created.

• 3 possible training programs: Lose weight, gain resistance, increase your muscles.

• PC Fit is your personal coach, and will plan, from your profile, a health program, consisting on different exercises and series,

• The personal coach on screen will cheer you up on your improvement during the training program.

• Original soundtrack. The rhythm of the music will be adapted to the exercise being performed at that time.

• Different difficulty levels. From Beginner to Advanced.

• 6 game modes for parties and having fun in family: Simon Steps, Duel Dance, DJ Rhythm, Obstacles, Hit the mole! and The Sinking Boat!

• 5 different scenarios: Disco, Beach, Forest and more…

DEVELOPER: Factoria D’Imatges
GENRE: Home Sport & Dance
TYPE OF GAME: Physical/Entertainment
PLAYER SKILLS: Body Coordination