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This board game is a blockbuster in countries as Germany, where its popularity has taken Ubongo to the highest position in the lists of sales of board games. The game has sold 900.000 units in Germany (including all the different versions) and has won many awards, including Best Family Game award in Sweden (Ubongo is the only game that has won this award two times, in 2003 and in 2009) and Game of the Year award in Norway and Finland.

Ubongo is a game that will enjoy the whole family. Its mechanics is very simple; since it consists of being solving puzzles “Tetris-style” with the aim to obtain gems of colours. At the end of the established time, the player who has more gems will be the winner. Under this seemingly simple premise an extremely addictive game hides… You always want to play one more time!


Games Modes:

History Mode (1 player)

Kanu was living happy together with his family and his friends in the little village where he was born, in Africa. Kanu is a 8-year-old intelligent child, who always are pulling his brother leg (because he’s bigger and strong but less clever than he).

His life changes radically when in his town it starts skimping the good most valued to his people: the water. The legend tells that, 1.000 years ago, a brave warrior made a trip full of dangers to ask the gods that the water was never absent in these lands. The gods, appreciating this valour, granted to him for what he was asking, giving him the gems of the power. These gems would grant his major desire to his holder. Since then, the water has run supplying lands and peoples…

But now Kanu suspects that something is going wrong in what concerns the gems. That’s why she initiates an investigation at his one’s own risk and discovers that the evil Rifictus has stolen all the gems and has distributed them among his followers. Kanu will have to cross the whole country facing the bad guys of Rifictus by the only way that will be able to snatch the gems: a game of the ancient and sacred Ubongo …

In this mode the player takes the rol of Kanu. The user will have to go defeating the followers of Rifictus winning them in Ubongo’s games. The player initiates his way in a concrete localization, but he’s able to choose the route which he wants. There are locations placed in the desert, in jungles, in mountains covered with snow… If the player wins his games, he will be advancing in the game up to reaching his goal: the clash with Rifictus for the recovery of the last gem that will bring the salvation to his village.

Quick Game (1-4 players)

This mode allows the player to dispute Ubongo’s quick games. The user can choose to play against adversaries controlled by the CPU or to invite 3 friends who will play in the same console.

Time Attack (1-4 players)

In this mode players should focus their efforts on the clock… as the key is to get a high number of gems within a time limit! So here it will be important to have a good strategy in order to get the gems as soon as possible.

Multiplayer (1-4 players online)

In this mode there are available the options to play multiplayer online games. The user can play with players from around the world. Up to 4 players can take part in every game.

This mode includes rankings. Among them we will find a ranking of the players with more games won, with the best score in a single game … It’s important to have in mind the importance of this kind of rankings in this online mode, since they are a motivation for the users to keep playing Ubongo.

INTL’ REALEASE DATE: November 2010
DEVELOPER: Korner Entertainment
GENRE: Board Game
TYPE OF GAME: Skill Game