Ubongo Puzzle Adventure available for iPhone/iPod Touch at an unbeatable price

Barcelona, February 24.- Korner Entertainment presents the long-awaited iPhone and iPod Touch version of the acclaimed board game Ubongo. This game includes a new online multiplayer mode enabling users around the world to play against each other. The product is available at the special launch price of $0.99 / €0.79 for a limited time only! In addition, a Lite version is available absolutely free of charge.

Ubongo Puzzle Adventure brings all the fun of the original board game to the iOS platform. The single player mode transports the user to a world of adventure, where he or she must vanquish 10 terrible opponents by solving puzzles. It also includes a new online multiplayer mode. In this mode, games of Ubongo can be enjoyed between players in different locations around the world using the multiplayer servers. Challenge your friends and rocket to the top of the rankings until you have shown everyone that you are the best Ubongo player around!

The concept of Ubongo is simple. In each round players are given an outline and a number of small pieces. The aim is to place the pieces inside the outline without leaving any gaps. When the time allotted runs out, the player who has solved the most puzzles is the winner.

The original board game is a blockbuster in countries as Germany, where its popularity has taken Ubongo to the highest position in the lists of sales of board games. The game has sold 1.000.000 units in Germany and has won many awards, including Best Family Game award in Sweden (Ubongo is the only game that has won this award two times, in 2003 and in 2009) and Game of the Year award in Norway and Finland.

Ubongo Puzzle Adventure includes:
– Over 3000 puzzles
– 10 different characters
– Online Multiplayer Mode
– Compatible with Game Center